Book #2 (Earth)


“A monster is nothing more than a misunderstood interpretation of the fearful human eye!”

The second book will hopefully answer a few questions you had from book one. The newest characters in this book were inspired by many childhood friends of my family. If you’ve enjoyed this adventure so far, I encourage you to visit these two fascinating rural towns in Missouri.

You won’t be disappointed. The region is rich in history, folklore, and a lot of very charming ‘locals’.


What’s a typical mid-west girl from Pacific, Missouri to do during her summer vacation when her brother has been abducted, her new best friend is a fish, her fr-enemy may be playing with fire, and her secret crush is getting burned? She goes out and finds more drama, of course! Molly’s adventure began when she learned that her brother’s disappearance was more complicated than presumed. She also discovered that mermaids, witches, and the boogeyman may in fact, be real. But she can’t tell her parents––not yet! The Locals: Legends of the Earth, book two in the trilogy, is for anyone who has become bored with the same old cliché of characters. It combines local American legends, history, geography, and even politics all in one young-adult adventure. It invites you to take a magical journey and to detox your soul by tagging along with Molly, Ona, Foxx, and even Gresham!


What is REALLY going on here in this small town and WHY HERE?

The series seeks to explain bigger mysteries, such as:

Why do we have so many UFO sightings and abductions?

  • What could creatures such as the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot really be?
  • The Bermuda Triangle and Crop Circles!
  • The Pyramids!



Research further? This is a good start…click here.


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