“A legend is used to tell a tale…when the TRUTH is too dangerous!”

A brief synopsis of the series:

Gresham (Gifford) House

All she wanted to do was to spend a quiet summer vacation with her friends after a difficult first year in middle-school and the recent unsolved disappearance of her baby brother. The dynamics Molly faced were much different this year. Her friends were close to her, but her enemies drew in closer. Suddenly, she had something they wanted, and it wasn’t exactly her new crush…Thom Talbot. One day, while exploring the local caves of Catawissa, Missouri, she connects with mysterious beings who have been hidden from mankind for centuries. Through them, she discovers clues to her brother’s disappearance as she desperately tries to locate him. In doing so, she is unexpectedly launched on an incredible journey of local myth, magic, and monsters.

The Big Cave

The Big Cave in Pacific, MO.

Did you ever wonder what was really out there? Why have we been seeing and hearing strange things that go bump in the night–for centuries? The myths and legends told by our ancestors are all grounded by “something” that they saw or heard. This series of novels takes you on a journey into the land of the collective imagination; hoping to put an end to the mysteries. This book has a “practical” side, too! As a teacher, I always look for ways to educate passively. In this book, you’ll discover hidden lessons in geography, history, and earth science all wrapped up in an intriguing story which takes place in a REAL LOCATION! I hope you enjoy the journey through your imagination as I have mine over the years.  It’s fun to wonder “what if?”

Ona's Pond

Ona’s Pond near the Flats in Pacific

The trilogy delves into the many unsolved mysteries in the world of the paranormal. It is a collection of legends, tales, folklore, and history from the mid-west region of the United States. The trilogy is thematic according to the elements of water, earth, and air. The symbol of a triangle and the number three are prevalent throughout. It’s a young-adult series of novels that is intended to educate as well as fascinate at the same time. Extensive research was done on the two main towns in Missouri where the plot and intrigue take place. The local folklore as well as history were used and spun into a fictional tale that is inspired by actual events and people of these towns, including the second most notorious female serial killer in American history, Bertha Gifford.

Click here to visit Pacific, Missouri! Follow Molly’s trail starting at The Flats!

About the Author:

Ed Cieslak-Moyé has an A.A. in Animation, a B.A. in French, and an M.A. in French and Applied Linguistics. Currently, he is an educator in Atlanta, Georgia. His journey of self-discovery took him down an interesting path first as a bartender, then as a waiter, pet shop boy, Walt Disney World cast member, actor, singer, dancer, graphic designer, animator, translator, and finally a foreign language educator in the southeast United States and overseas for a very long time. Ed has always embraced his imagination and his passion for parapsychology and cryptozoology while force-feeding them to others. At the age of six, his life was devastated because his mother refused to allow him to have surgery to have gills implanted so that he could breathe underwater. At age nine he wanted to be a bionic altar boy. By age twelve, he was convinced he was psychic. At sixteen, the French language and Bigfoot phenomena consumed him. Finally by age twenty, he decided to fuse all of them together to become an artist. Here, his imagination thrived into the delicately imbalanced and delightfully neurotic version of the person he is today, and he’s still convinced he’s psychic!

In his life, there is one motto:

“Never close the book on the magic in your own life!”

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